Knowing that everyone joins Rotary for his or her own reasons, and reflecting on feedback from many participants

in District 5010's Leadership Academy, we have launched a reimagined learning center to address those issues:

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Growth & Learning Reimagined
FLEXIBILITY: You choose your class schedule. You choose, after completing Rotary Essentials the track you wish to follow.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to select your track (Learning Plan).  It's all about you!
SMALL BITES:  Most lessons can be completed in under an hour. If not, you can leave and return. Tests are self-guided, and you can repeat them to improve your score.
TARGETED TOPICS: You select your current track, complete some basic courses, and choose from a menu of other courses to fill in the knowledge you need to meet your goals.
COURSES:  Are located on Rotary International's Learning Center with special links for District 5010 Rotarians.
When you take part in this initiative, district leaders will see your progress. The information will be used in several ways:
  • You will be invited to be part of the district leadership team
  • You will be recognized as a growth and learning initiative grad or alum
  • You will motivate others to become more familiar with Rotary opportunities
  • You may become a part of the learning initiative faculty

To Access the Rotary Learning Center (RCL) 

You will have to log in to "my Rotary". If you need help setting up your account, click here for  a graphic to guide you. When you do sign in, select "remember me" for easier access. 

After logging into "my Rotary" you will find access to the Learning Center under Learning & References in the ribbon across the top. You can also click on the links above to access the learning plans from here.


If you are not taken to the learning topics, all is not lost. When you get into the Learning Center, select "Learning Plan" under Filters, and type "District 5010" into the search line at the top.  The four Learning Plans will appear. 

District Learning Plans
Choose your learning plan.  You will need a my.rotary account to continue.
  Rotary Essentials  Recommended for everyone, includes how to use the Learning Center, as well  as basics for new members and a refresher for experienced ones.  
  Inside the Club Provides an overview of the club's function and administration - for all members, especially those taking on club offices and committee chairs.  
  Leadership Development Learn & practice personal, professional, and volunteer skills to lead a team. Includes active assignments.  
  Beyond the Club  For those who wish to serve at the district level and beyond  
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