Patrick Longano

Patrick Longano is not just a Membership Maniac and dynamic speaker; he’s IMPACT's visionary creator and founder. With his innovative four-step process, Patrick has helped create, grow, and inspire hundreds of clubs in six countries. This is a remarkable achievement that was showcased at the 2022, 2023, and upcoming 2024 RI Convention, where he has shared his expertise in membership growth and Rotary’s mission.

Patrick created IMPACT, the first-ever “companion club,” a term he coined that focuses on building up existing clubs instead of “creating new for the sake of new.” Companion clubs are Rotary satellite clubs built to stay connected to the sponsor club without splitting off. The companion club was created together with the IMPACT club and membership model, a service-only design that encourages diversity and focuses on local communities. IMPACT was the first and is the most successful Companion club in Rotary.

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